I founded Boestones not as a way to break into the diamond business, but to get into the people business.

There was a man, Jack, who lived outside by my favorite bodega in New York City. For three years, Jack never failed to give me the weather forecast when I stopped in for a bagel. He always had a copy of the New York Times and sometimes he’d disagree with its meteorological predictions.

"I want to give [them] a chance to exist in permanence."

Jack and I developed a sort of friendship and I’d often bring him a bagel in exchange for his personal spin on the forecast. But then Jack wasn’t there. I learned from the bodega owner that Jack had passed. And then it occurred to me; I had no idea what happened to the homeless when they die.

After finding out I felt compelled to do something. With Boestones, I want to give people like Jack a chance to exist in permanence, just as he had been a permanent fixture of my everyday life.



Scott Boeman 
Founder and CEO

After spending nine years as a systems analyst, Scott left his day job with an idea and the determination to make a difference in this world with Boestones.



Sandor Wiesenfeldt

After achieving an MBA from the prestigious Stellenbosch Business School in Cape Town, Sandor successfully launched and sold multiple startups in South Africa before bringing his expertise stateside.